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Meme for the Fanfic Writer

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Aug. 14th, 2006 | 01:06 pm
posted by: aikochan in withextrahappy

Meme for the Fanfic Writer

01. What fandoms do you write for?: The Outsiders and Animorphs, mostly. Also Magic Knight Rayearth, Ed Edd 'n' Eddy, and occasional dabblings in Lord of the Rings and Prétear.
02. One-shot or chaptered?: I love writing both, but I tend to churn out one-shots and flashfics at an alarming rate. The only series I really write chaptered stories for is Rayearth; the rest are almost always one-shots.
03. Favorite genre(s) to write: I really enjoy writing suspenseful stories, actually, and character studies.
04. Genre(s) most frequently written: Angst. Because it's easy. There's also usually pairings scattered around, whether of a very strong and lovely Fuu/Ferio quality or a sick and twisted Rosemary/Fernando sort.
05. Fandoms most frequently written: The Outsiders and, back in the day, Rayearth.
06. Gen, het, slash, femmeslash, or a combination?: Gen and het. I'm not much of a slash fan; I don't mind it if it's PG-or-lower and focuses on a pairing that I think actually works. (Marco/Ax works for me, in a pinch; almost no other pairings do. I don't like slash pairings at all in LotR and Outsiders—I have yet to see a combination of characters that makes real sense to me.)
07. Happy ending, sad ending, or cliffhanger?: Any/all of the above.
08. Character-focused or plot-focused?: With one-shots, definitely character-focused. Isn't that why we write fanfiction? To write about characters? In multi-chaptered stories and alternate universe fics (most of my Rayearth fics fall under these categories) the plot definitely has a very important role, but the main purpose is to see how the characters react to the plot and setting.
09. To kill characters, or not to kill characters?: If it serves the purpose of the story, we may kill. (Though I went a little death-happy in Standing on the Sky, no matter how much I justified it to myself.)
10. Do you write crossovers?: I never have, but I would if I found two universes and two casts of characters that blended logically.
11. Favorite of your own pieces: Golly gee whiz. Um. I'm very fond of Her Boys and Flypaper Boys (The Outsiders); I still like the concept of Pockets Full of Posies, but it could have been executed much better. I'm planning to rewrite it someday. (Same goes for Standing on the Sky.)
12. Favorite pairing to write: Well, as for general pairings: Ponyboy/Cherry (Outsiders), Rosemary/Fernando, Nadja/Kennosuke (Ashita no Nadja), and... actually, I think those are the only ones I actually write. Other non-romantic/sexual character interactions and dynamics that I really enjoy: the Curtis brothers, Mrs. Curtis and Dally, Soda and Cherry, Two-Bit and Cherry (Outsiders), Sylvie and Nadja, Sylvie and Francis (Ashita no Nadja), Marco and Cassie, Cassie and Ax, Marco and Jake (Animorphs), Pippin and his sisters, Pippin and Merry, Merry and Pippin's sisters (LotR), Presea and the Magic Knights (Rayearth), and Double D and Marie (Ed Edd 'n' Eddy).
13. Other favorite characters to write: In general, I love writing Cherry, Two-Bit, any of the Curtis brothers, Dally, Sylvie, Ax, Marco, Pippin's sisters, Presea, Umi, and Marie.
14. Any crack-pairings?: Ha! Yes. Rosemary/Fernando (totally violates canon but in another world would totally work), Cherry/Soda (this one actually might work even in canonverse, but it spawned from such a silly concept that it counts as crack), Cassie/Ax (where did THAT come from?), and of course, Gohmi. Gohmi is pairing Goh from Prétear and Umi from Rayearth, which makes no canonical sense but works so well. I love alternate universes.
15. Hardest characters to write: Sometimes Darry, Dally, often Cherry, Two-Bit in a way, Sylvie (such the elusive lady), Double D, and Clef.
16. Any ideas for future stories?: Yes. Many. I have two major ones in the works (the explains-all prequel to Home for Christmas/sequel to Choosing to Bleed, tentatively titled Orange Winter; and an alternate-universe Rayearth fic called Drink the Moon), plus a scattered mess of ideas for Animorphs chaptered stories. Also, there's this annoying Outsiders chaptered fic nagging at me. I call it Blood Brothers and will maybe write it someday.
17. And finally... to songfic or not to songfic?: On occasion, yes. But I don't like scattering the lyrics throughout the story. My favorite way to handle "songfics" is to use a song as inspiration for a chaptered story and put a section of lyrics at the beginning of each chapter. Blood Brothers (see above) is like this, using a Havalina Rail Co. song. I first saw this technique with Walk This World at Juuhachigou's Place of Being. I believe she does this with all her longer stories, and I think it's a lovely way to go about the songfic concept.

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