&are we standing on the sky?

&how easily we grow old

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Sometimes I just lie in bed for six or seven hours doing nothing but saying "million."

Being the fanfiction journal of aikochan.

I typically write short pieces for The Outsiders and Animorphs. I used to write quite a bit of multi-chaptered Magic Knight Rayearth fanfiction. I also dabble in Ed Edd & Eddy, Ashita no Nadja, Lord of the Rings, and occasional other fandoms. (For original fiction check out _paperdaisy, though that's mostly used only during the NaNoWriMo season.)

Let it be known that I am notorious for having tons of ideas for lovely long fanfics and never actually writing them, or starting and never finishing.

Currently I am writing 100 The Outsiders fanfics for fanfic100. These will constitute the bulk of my entries for a while.

a little princess, animorphs, ashita no nadja, beauty and the beast, being a bookworm, bishoujou senshi sailormoon, blue alien brothers, boys with scars, cephiran culture, cherry/ponyboy, dandelion troupe, deerskin, dilandau albatou, drink the moon, ed edd & eddy, ee&e angst!fic, elizabeth/mr. darcy, ender wiggin, escaflowne, ferret face, finding my neverland, foster's home for imaginary-friends, fuu/ferio, gohmi, grape knee-high, happy carrier car, hayate's sleeves, hikaru/zazu, himeno/hayate, hitomi/van, hobbit children, hobbit culture, instant maple ginger oatmeal, jane/rochester, kim possible, lord of the rings, lost, m*a*s*h, magic knight rayearth, margaret/trapper, mary/dickon, meriadoc the magnificent, morphing bugs sucks, my favorite andalite, nadja/francis, nadja/keith, nadja/kennosuke, nowt o' the soart, orange winter, oscar wilde, pearl pimpernel & pervinca, petra/bean, pippin-scarf, pity the backseat, pockets full of posies, ponyboy's tuff hair, prétear, rachel/tobias, rebecca's narrator/maxim, rita/kennosuke, robert frost, robin mckinley, rosemary/fernando, sonic the hedgehog (sat-am), standing on the sky, sylvie/raphael, sylvie/thomas, the dandelion daddies, the ender saga, the outsiders, the secret garden, tomatoes from keith, tulip head, umi/ascot, umi/goh, video girl ai, when all's wick, writing like crazy